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ned c
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Clip identification

Post by ned c »

My Sony AX700 records clips with an identification starting with C and then in numerical sequence. I can find no way of changing the letter C to an alternative so all my clips regardless of the project share the same clip idents. Although kept in separate files on the hard drives when making a search by clip ident several unrelated clips show up. A request to the Sony forum delivered no answer. However I have found a useful utility "Bulk Rename Utility" that permits renaming clips and it works quickly and easily. If you use it a caution is shut the utility down after the clips have been renamed; do not remove the clips from the utility.

Am I alone with this problem? Am I as usual fumbling my way?

Comments/help welcome, thanks

ned c
Michael Slowe
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Re: Clip identification

Post by Michael Slowe »

No Ned, you are not alone (never if you're a Liverpool supporter).

I too am often frustrated by the fact that Sony do not allow you to change clip names or numbers. In his marvellous 'workshops' for each Sony camera, Doug Jensen of Vortex Media, makes this very clear, certainly with the EX1 which I had, and I suspect, other cameras too. You seem to have found an ingenious work around.

Actually, this does not bother me too much because once I have imported media into my edit I sort it all out into relevant Bins and then I can number and describe clips as I want. I very rarely need to revert to the external hard drives to seek a particular clip since they are all linked from the bins. Why do you need to revert to the drive for media? Once a project is finished I delete all the original media, both used and unused, having kept of course, files containing the the final edit. Professionals would be horrified at this, they never seem to delete anything they have shot! Maybe you are the same?
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