What does a Scotsman do in Belgium!

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Tony Grant
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What does a Scotsman do in Belgium!

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Living in Belgium means that I am unable to have an ordinary existence with respect to the activities of the IAC and I regret being so far away and unable to have an association with one of your excellent clubs. I just have the occasional ‘blurt’ through your ‘blog’ and enjoy reading ‘Film and Video Maker’.
The last few months have been really busy in my little film world so I thought those who read your ‘blog’ pages might be interested in some of the activities of a Scotsman in Belgium. If not, I am sure that someone will quickly rule me out of order.
The year started with the showing of my short film “De Koffer” and my various comments on this blog about HDV, colouring and projectors. I have now put the film on the web and this is the link http://www.blip.tv/file/4000340/ all comments are acceptable I know most of the faults, the next one will be better.
I have just finished two short films for a local tourist organization. Those of you who are observant will note that I used some nature clips from my friend Florant Van Opstal if I may say so Belgium’s best nature film maker. Some of the clips are in 4.3 so you can see how I over came the problems. I also had to use a few short clips from my friends at Pond Inc a great place to go if you are stuck in a hole and can not climb out.
The song clip gave me many problems especially in the synchronisation.

I wanted to make a minute film “Emiel meets Monet” and this has been done but I thought it would be fun to enter it into a new competition promoted by Raindance. So the forty second version including sponsors logo can be seen at;
http//www.welcometotheextraordinary.com/by the way the activities of Raindance are well worth following, I have attended one of the courses in Belgium and met a lot of very interesting contacts.

Over the next few months "Het Gouden Hamertje 2010" takes much of my time my and Andre’s idea for a bi annual film competition for Flemish ‘culture’ is now being sponsored by 4 communities and the sponsorship from some well known product names in the world of filmmaking allows us to offer nearly 7000 euros worth of equipment we want to make the competition international, but that is the next step. http://www.guliver.bewould love to find a club from England that could run with us on the alternate years, the exchange of European culture is a good thing in spite of our inherent thoughts about what happens” ABROAD”

By the way any one now can have a TV station on the net I have just registered
http://www.pajottenland.tv and http://www.Vlaams.tvI think I am going to have some fun with those if I can find the time.(At present they just link to my website)

PS.Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
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