FVM February 2020

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tom hardwick
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FVM February 2020

Post by tom hardwick » Fri Jan 10, 2020 12:38 pm

Is there a shortage of pictures in the world? Am I alone in thinking that the cover of this current issue of FVM (February 2020) is not only unnecessary (it's repeated on page 17 for goodness sake) but is also not high enough quality to withstand the editor's crop. It's just not sharp, and with just six cover pictures per year to represent our organisation, it's not good enough.

While I'm here, the picture on page 16 was used (cropped again) as the cover of the Dec issue. And just to prove there's a world-wide shortage of pictures, that very same image was used again on page 17 of the Dec FVM. Flip the page and exactly the same snowy picture is printed yet again in this month's issue.

I'm pretty sure Ned didn't intend to have so many images repeated in consecutive issues of FVM, so what's going on here? Is this global shortage of images the reason that in the current issue the cameraman in the red woolly hat is repeated on the same page, and repeated in the December issue as well? Why have Ned shown on camera in exactly the same position in two pictures on page 17?

You'll have to have the mags open in front of you to follow all this, but I've got to say it leaves me somewhat underwhelmed.

Ken Wilson
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Re: FVM February 2020

Post by Ken Wilson » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:56 pm

To add my two-pennyworth...I am not making a big issue of it (not the magazine Big Issue) but the picture of a camera in church on my pages was not taken by me. I had no images suitable or easily accessible for this article, so an image from stock was used it seems. I knew nothing about it until I saw the magazine.
One other point is what John Howden says about BIAFF on the Chairman`s Chat page which challenges us the readers to offer to judge for BIAFF to see what goes on there before criticising the system. I have lost count how many times I have mentioned this even to David Newman in person but offers of judging have not been taken up, even when they are short of judges. I have offered directly and told I would get a call back...which never came. So the challenge clearly doesn`t apply to me! I have sent an e-mail to John about this and am told judges are selected already for 2020...what a surprise.
Again, please send answers on a postcard.

ned c
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Re: FVM February 2020

Post by ned c » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:49 am

My copy of F&VM has just arrived so I can catch up on this discussion. OK the cover picture is a tad soft but remember the comments in the past about inappropriate cover pictures (cars/flowers), this does look like part of a film making activity. I suspect there is a shortage of pictures for the editor to use that actually illustrate amateur film making in action. Obviously I have no control over the selection and publishing of pictures but having edited news letters in the past I know how tough it is to get contributions from a volunteer membership.

ned c

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