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Jill Lampert
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Does anyone know how I could get an enhanced DBS check? As far as I can see there's no way I can apply for myself. Does the IAC have any way of doing this for its members? Or is there some other video organisation that could do it? Any suggestions gratefully received!
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Post by TimStannard »

You are absolutely right, Jill. You cannot apply as an individual.

I've filmed where schools have done it on my behalf (yes, it costs them) and it is only valid for the organisation that has applied.
Martine and I have considered setting ourselves up as a company simply so we can apply for DBS checks, but we haven't been forced into that situation yet (if we are we may simply walk away).

In most situations where the subject is insisting upon it, it is not a legal requirement - only "local rules" or organisations playing better safe than sorry. Who can blame them, give the amount of fear around the repurcussions of allowing a minor to come into contact with and abuser/molester?

However, all "they" need to do is ensure that you are accompanied at all times by someone in the organisation who IS responsible and DBS checked. Of course this does put an obligation on the organisation which may be too much for them.

Now, your suggestion of the IAC being able to request DBS checks for its members is a brilliant idea (I'm not suggesting all members, only those who request it, who can pay the fee themselves, if the law allows it). I can foresee possible legal objections to this but we don't know until we try. If this could be achieved, what a fantastic benefit of membership!

Is there anyone from the Council reading this? If so please respond. Otherwise, jill, I suggest you request Council investigate this.

(Might be worth checking in the IOV (Institute of Videographers) can do this, if they're still about)
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