No film about Highland Games! Bad luck again!

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No film about Highland Games! Bad luck again!

Post by Willy »

I am back from Scotland. Two years ago I went to Scotland to film the Highland Games at Dunoon. They are called "The Cowal Gathering". They are world famous. When we arrived at the hotel the receptionist told us that the two rooms that we had booked were taken. was responsible for this. We had to cross the Firth of Clyde and could find two rooms at the Premier Inn in the city of Ayr, about 70 kilometres further west. We were very disappointed. The Highland Games had to be the highlight of our trip to Scotland.

So we tried again. We had a fantastic trip through Scotland. We stayed on the Isle of Islay, in Oban, on the Isle of Skye and we went to Strathpeffer near Inverness to attend the Highland Games. I had contacted the organiser. I had planned an interview with a piper, a dancer and caber tosser and even with the chiefs of the clans Mackenzie and Munro. We stayed in a very friendly B&B. But, alas, that morning the owner of the B&B had bad news: "The Games were cancelled for the first time in its history". There was a flood in the village the day before. The car park looked like a pond. Etc. Malcolm Cleghorn, the secretary of the games, sent a message on facebook and did other things to inform everybody… Of course he was very sad and so were we.

Luckily I could take out my camera to film "Raising the Standard", a re-enactment of a battle between redcoats and jacobites in front of Braemar Castle. I had not planned this, but I took the opportunity and moreover I didn't need my folding chair. I was fit and well that day. But there was some drizzle in the Highlands. I interviewed the laird of Mar. Vera held the umbrella, but unfortunately at home I saw that a raindrop had fallen on my lens during the interview. Anyway, I think I have collected enough shots to make a very short documentary about "Bonnie Prince Charles". I was impressed by the nature on the Isle of Skye and I took some pictures of "The Old Man of Storr". Bonnie Prince Charlie hid behind the clouds on the island after his defeat at the Battle of Culloden and was helped by his Flora MacDonald. I could film the Falls of Rogie, some fantastic fields covered with heather, and other beautiful things to create the real Scottish atmosphere. Sometimes clouds mixed with sunshine can create fantastic effects. It was like that at Glenfinnan where Bonnie Prince Charles landed in Loch Shiel together with 7 friends. Scotland is still the most beautiful country in the world! And my friend Leon, who was the car driver, told me that Laphroaigh (Islay) is the most delicious whisky in the world. I believe him. I only took two or three wee drams during my journey. Cheers! I bought one bottle. However I still prefer diet coke with lemon.
Willy Van der Linden
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Re: No film about Highland Games! Bad luck again!

Post by Jill Lampert »

Well done, Willy, for making the most of what was available to you! It must have been SO disappointing!
Unless I'm really thirsty, I think I'd go for Laphroaig rather than diet coke! :D
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Re: No film about Highland Games! Bad luck again!

Post by TimStannard »

Your resourcefulness astounds, Willy. And your knowledge of UK & UK history puts me to shame.
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Re: No film about Highland Games! Bad luck again!

Post by Dave Watterson »

At UNICA in the Netherlands Willy had better luck and better weather.

It is wonderful that so many film friends can get together and seeing Willy and Vera smiling at me from under a sun-shade as they enjoyed a refreshing drink made my day.

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