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Peter Stedman
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Customer service???

Post by Peter Stedman » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:37 pm

It’s a funny world. For many years I’ve always bought my video cameras from a very well known West Country dealer. Canon XM2 Sony PD150, PD170 Sony Z5 plus the digital back. Sony HDR-NX3. Sony HD editing deck etc. and so on. I’ve always had good service when buying although general enquiries by e-mail they always seems very slack in replying. I’ve heard other reports of this. I mention all this just to point out that I’ve spent a lot of cash with them over the years.

Just recently I e-mailed to enquire about a replacement large eye cup for my NX3. After 10 days, no reply. I tried again and eventually was told they would get details and let me know. Further e-mails and no replies. I then contacted another dealer and had reply at once and they got the part in a couple of days with no problem.

I now needed a replacement for my LANC remote control and decided on a Manfrotto model. Did I contact my usual dealer? Well you can guess. Found it on-line at a very good price and ordered it yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. Free delivery of course. Had automated e-mail saying it had been despatched last evening. Today had e-mail just after lunch saying that it would be delivered today (Monday) and at the same time the doorbell sounded. There was my order. Such wonderful service cannot be bettered.

As for my usual dealer, well customer service from them can hardly be recommended.

Yes, it's a funny world. Pete. :?

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Dave Watterson
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Re: Customer service???

Post by Dave Watterson » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:52 am

This does seem to be a factor of modern life. Real dealers with shops you can visit are being financially undercut by the online/mail-order companies. Their only advantage is in offering personal, friendly advice, support and service. While it is easy to understand that they become despondent they have to maintain their USP (Unique Selling Point) of personal service if they are to survive.

All credit to amazon who have led the way in fast delivery, easy returns policy and generally very good - if impersonal - customer service.

A.K. Williams
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Re: Customer service???

Post by A.K. Williams » Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:35 pm

Couldn't agree more chaps.

My experience of customer service mirrors your own, but then I grew up in a world of 'direct' or 'face to face' transaction over the counter which relied upon personality and the interaction between.

These days -it seems to me - the concept of 'service' is simply one of 'get it out of the way as quick as you can' and move on to the next wallet/purse/debit/credit or instore card account.

Things are now (as far as I can tell) designed to extract as much hard cash as is possible without any real 'human touch' and while that is something of a generalisation (for there are still those who enjoy the personal thing I note) 'they' appear to be reducing in numbers.

Have also got to say that my own experience of 'on-line' shopping has been a good one and while, as Dave W says, hats off to Amazon for their expertise in the field, I like to 'squeeze' tomatoes -and more besides- before I buy, the ability to buy without having to travel from store to store (and parking place to parking place available or not) is, I find, invaluable.

I would say Peter, that we/you/I have little choice in the development of such future things and must learn to accept or give up.

In any case, good to be able to get such stuff 'off our chests' in this way.

Tony Williams.

Michael Slowe
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Re: Customer service???

Post by Michael Slowe » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:47 am

Tales of woe duly noted! However, over the past many years (and three cameras, tripod, mics etc), I've enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Top-Teks. They are situated out at Harefield it's true, which necessitates a car journey of 30 minutes for me, but they are very professional (most of their customers are), and, above all, very helpful and friendly. They also host forums and demos of new Sony gear which are very helpful. I can recommend them without hesitation. I can also give the name s of who to speak to if required.

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