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It is often said that AUDIO is 50% of film making. I contend that that is not the case.

AUDIO is 25% of film making...the remaining 25% is in the PRESENTATION of that Audio. We can work all we like on our audio 'timelines' but without a decent AMP and LOUDSPEAKER set up we are wasting our effort.

I gave a Show and DSLR talk to LEEDS MOVIE MAKERS CLUB and they have a humungous AMP and a pair of large cone PA speakers which carried real weight and authority. Put simply 'dialogue and narration' travel across to the listener with greater and more effortless conviction......indeed like CINEMA!

I recently watched the LUC BESSON film 'LUCY' on the SHOWCASE CINEMA'S new DOLBY X ATMOS SCREEN. Digital projection and multi track audio has come of age the rich imagery and audio were breathtaking.....even if 'LUCY' the film became over embroiled in CGi for its own good toward it's conclusion.

So it is time we raised our own game and take a look at the back of our Amps to see if it has at the very least a SUB WOOFER output. If not....perhaps it's time for a new Club Amp with modern there are now fantastic amps out there for £500 and SUB Woofers for less.

Many of us now have better set-ups in our homes than we do at our Clubs!

Time to STEP UP!
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