How can we make "different" films of the holidays?

A warm welcome to all. Here we talk about films, which people put onto YouTube or Vimeo and embed here. The idea is to allow useful, friendly discussion.
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Re: How can we make "different" films of the holidays?

Post by TimStannard »

Just watched the first couple, Chris, and will catch up with the rest this weekend. Addictive viewing and a perfect example of how a camcorder can be used to make inspiring yet very personal film. But it's not just the content, it's your delivery as well: mixing the serious subject with touches of light relief (deliberately stating the "bleeding obvious" for example) to keep our interest through variation.
I'm not surprised people were waiting for each episode.
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Re: How can we make "different" films of the holidays?

Post by Chrisbitz »

Thanks Tim and Dave, the ones toward the end are much more surprising/interesting... - You'll be surprised to learn, that it was all filmed on my iPhone - Yet another reason to show that you don't need expensive equipment to make a film if you really want to!

I used to have an active video production company, and the first thing I'd ask applicants was what films have you made? What's your YouTube account? when they replied, "I haven't made any because I don't have a good enough camera" their application would go in the bin.

The only major problem with an iPhone for filmmaking is the lack of a remote mic, so I found myself talkng with the mic inches from my mouth a lot of the time, as you can't monitor the sound.
I like to make films, this is- my Youtube account. What's yours?

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Re: How can we make "different" films of the holidays?

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The other major problem when filming with any phone is that it sits most naturally in the hand in the upright position ... so you may spend hours in post-production turning the image through 90 degrees and doing some cropping.

But you have proved that these days even more than ever before, it is the person not the kit which matters.
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