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UNICA 2020

Post by TimStannard »

I was rather surprised to find no forum regulars apart from Brian Saberton and myself at the on-line UNICA festival last week. Were people just not aware of it?

I think I got a couple of notifications via diffrent people on facebook. We had to sign up, in order to receive a link (to the Vimeo site with the UNICA films, and to the online meeting) and a password. Perhaps that's what put people off. (My wife never likes to put her email address into anything)

The actual meeting was fairly short (maybe an hour or so?) and included just a few clips from each several of the films, but it gave us the opportunity to chat in the comments. The awkwardness of online meetings was made moreso due to the different languages and risk of unintentionally offending people from different cultures, but we managed to get a few exchanges going.

It also preniered the thank you to Dave Watterson for his 3 years as President (which many of you have probably seen now) - an animation (with video inserts) with many of his UNICA friends. Source material by Jan and animation/editing by Kate Sullivan (who did the titles and inserts for BBCs "Upstart Crow", and who was also present at the event.

There were very few attendees (possibly as low as 30) but within that the UK was well represented. It was hosted by Norway and they had a professional TV presenter (I believe) presenting the links.

Well done, and thank you Norway.
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Re: UNICA 2020

Post by Brian Saberton »

Unfortunately I missed the first 20 minutes of the presentation because I hadn't taken account of the one hour time difference, making it a 7pm start for the UK rather than 8pm. Luckily I realised my mistake early enough to see most of it and was then able to watch some of the films. I'm now looking forward to BIAFF next month and although it won't be the same as being at the actual event, at least we have the opportunity to see the films. I'm going to hook up my lap top to my LCD projector so I can watch them on my home cinema screen.
Brian Saberton
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