How do you make a good video?

A warm welcome to all. Here we talk about films, which people put onto YouTube or Vimeo and embed here. The idea is to allow useful, friendly discussion.
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Frank Maxwell
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How do you make a good video?

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The other week a group of amateur media video makers ask me "How Do You Make A Good Video". Good question. The first think I said was "What Makes A Bad Video". The feedback they gave me was spot on...length,bad camera work, etc.
Regards good video. There is no formula. You as the maker you must believe in your project, and any subject you undertake some person will be interested as one can see with the computer channels of VIMEO and YouTube. But for viewing to a audience or public showing you need to run the extra miles. Family videos are out including holiday videos with family as main characters. Unless it has a theme like comedy or is a famous person.
Concentrate on good story or factual interest. Make a rough shooting script and allow cutaway shots if on location. It may not be in the script but could come handy.
Many books and topics can be found on the subject of video making. But I left them with one piece of movie magic advice????? The more failures you have the faster you learn your craft. Don't follow the sheep as most video's have been made, look at it from a different perspective. Also enjoy the experience. :wink:
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John Roberts
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Re: How do you make a good video?

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Frank - I agree wholeheartedly about the cutaways. I am currently working on a couple of music videos and I quickly learned to set the camera rolling before the required shot (whilst framing or focussing or giving directions etc) and keep it running for some time afterwards. Sounds simple but I'm sure it's easily overlooked. Some of the most effective shots I have used were actually 'out-takes' including one quite sinister-looking shot where a character turns and stares at the camera, whereas in reality he was turning back to me to ask "was that OK?" :D

It wasn't a planned move but it was so effective I ended up using it!
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