DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

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Ben Hubbard
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DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

Post by Ben Hubbard »

Hi all

I'm a first time film maker and I'm looking to get something (Lo/No-budget) shot in the Midlands, Ideally Leicester or Northampton. Location doesn't have to be an issue though :)

I'm interested in experimenting with different styles, such as Dogme 95...

If you are interested in collaborating with me then get in touch.

I have a short film almost written, a feature 95% written and lots of other ideas

Contact me either here, on twitter (@b_e_n_Hubbard) or via email raindevilpictures@gmail.com and lets get something made

Hopefully this could lead to many collaborations in the future

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Dave Watterson
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Re: DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

Post by Dave Watterson »

Good luck, Ben.

This is, of course, holiday time so many film makers may be away. You might have to be patient.
Frank Maxwell
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Re: DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

Post by Frank Maxwell »

Why not try a video club near your area?
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Re: DV Filmmaking - Collaborations???

Post by fraught »

Hi Ben,

I've contributed to lots of films over the last couple of years, and one of the main reasons is finding the right people via attending the Red Carpet Screenings Film Festival in Basingstoke.

The next event is in October i think. Go track them down on Facebook or Twitter (@redcarpetscreen).
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