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Re: Club Films on Youtube

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FILM THURSO wrote:Youtube does have viewer analysis which is very useful but if there's anyone out there who thinks their movies are the best ever (yet not) it might be worth avoiding it! :lol:
You're absolutely right - it's easy to get despondent when you hear of this film with 1m views and that film with hundreds of thousands, and then your film gets 3 views. :-(

Realistically, I think people can aim to get about 30-50 views from just mailing their friends on facebook and other methods, and anything more than that is really quite good!

when you think that 100 views is what you'd probably get from your club show, as soon as you get over 150 views, that's really something to be proud of!

So anything over that is a real bonus, because that's complete strangers stopping to watch YOUR film!

And a comment from a stranger?... There's no nicer feeling. (as long as it's a nice comment) :-)
I like to make films, this is- my Youtube account. What's yours?

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