Sexual Discrimination against male moviemakers!

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Chris Taylor FACI

Sexual Discrimination against male moviemakers!

Post by Chris Taylor FACI » Wed Jan 02, 2002 1:25 pm

To coin a phrase from another TOG....Is it Me?

We male movie makers are plagued with continuous discrimination
against us along the lines of......'when are you going to put that dam camera away
and come down for a coffee?.... or...'how much longer will you be doing THAT!!!'.
Sometimes a sigh, a face-pull or often a disappearance into the crowd says it all.
Madam is not movie-orientated!

Question then.... how do you lucky buggers manage it!
Being blessed with a husband and wife membership of the video club that is! How do
you stimulate that interest! How do you avoid the sighs, the huffs and the hands on
hips? How do you avoid being nagged (or even mugged)every time you double click on
the Premiere icon?

I reckon we blokes are really being subjected to some pretty awful sexual discrimination.
It seems you can try flowers, chocs, dinners out and other things they don't talk about
in the IAC and they all work well in the short term. Holidays are good....just as long
as you leave the camera at home.... but oh dear just one sight of a video cassette
and the whole thing starts over.

What ideas do you have guys....AND GALS!!!

Poor trembling and persecuted Chris Taylor...
PS........ if she reads this I a dead man!!!

Dave Watterson

Re: Sexual Discrimination against male moviemakers!

Post by Dave Watterson » Thu Jan 03, 2002 9:37 am

If we knew the answer to that one, Chris, we would probably put RELATE out of business!

I am very lucky in lots and lots of ways to be married to Jan who (a) likes amateur
movies and (b) is in the
computer business as well so understands the need to sit in front of a screen and keyboard
for hours.
Though I spend some time editing much more of the evening is taken up with maintaining
the web sites
I run for IAC, UK Filmsocs and the Cotswold Festival.

We found that DVDs were a shared activity we could both enjoy ... a domestic setup
with a small tv at this
stage but a decent amp and sound system so that storms rumble round the room ... We
might have to split
a movie into two nights viewing but there is nothing like tucking into a meal while
watching a good movie.

I have heard it said that the "middle-aged white male" syndrome is because we tend
to focus on the kit
rather than the product. Maybe if we can nudge people into thinking about the movies
they make rather
than the camcorders and computers they use we might change things.

There are lots of great female moviemakers (check out the Moondance Festival as one
which specially
encourages women) and there are lots of open-minded "old men" in the clubs ...

Someone said to me the other night the biggest hurdle we face is that traditionally
Brits resist the notion
of art ... find it pretentious and ridicule it. Yet so many people at Movie 2001 loved
DIMATO which is a
beautiful, pure piece of cinematic art. Is it just reverse snobbism or a fear that
art is "not for the likes of us
'umble folk"?

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