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Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:57 pm
by ned c
In another thread I suggested the use of screeners for supporting BIAFF and i feel the suggestion needs explaining. Our local festival DOCUTAH usually has about 300 entries and these are viewed by teams who write reports on the films with recommendations for their screening as there are usually about 60 to 70 openings. Each team is made up of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight members, we sign an agreement that requires us to watch every film viewed in its entirety and not download or make copies. The films are entered via Filmfreeway, and each week we get a link from the organizer so we access the selected films on the Internet and complete our report on Google Forms. Each film is viewed by three teams so there is a broad evaluation.

For example we have a 55 inch UHD TV with surround sound so the entries are viewed in reasonably good conditions; some of the teams have dedicated "cinemas" so the entrants are assured a decent quality presentation. There are currently 50 teams registered.

For BIAFF IAC members would be recruited as screeners; perhaps another benefit of membership? They would submit their reports so that the final selection may be viewed by the judges. It seems that gathering volunteers in a hotel and viewing there is a cumbersome way of working in the Internet age and I do wonder about the quality of hotel TVs and sound.

A suggestion for discussion.

ned c