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Young Faces at BIAFF 2017

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:55 pm
by TimStannard
So as not to clutter up the main thread, I thought I'd start another for "Young Faces".
I thought "13:01" was an excellent piece and a deserving winner and thoroughly enjoyed "Locating Love"
There was a good sense of suspense and horror created in "Camp Out"
"Daddy's Girl" had brilliantly choreographed, acted and edited, fight scenes - the best I've seen in amateur movies (and, yes, in my opinion, even better than those in Paul Vernon's "Vermijo")
But the most underated film I saw in the festival was was Joe Blandamer's "Goth at the Beach". I found this very inventive, full of humour, and the claymation characters had great expressions. Crazy it only received 2 stars.

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Re: Young Faces at BIAFF 2017

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:20 pm
by TimStannard
The other thing I meant to raise was the lack of young faces at the Young Faces. It is a great shame we didn't have more juniors. I doubt the cost is that significant, but as most would probably have to be chaperoned should we not let them have a free ticket (to the film shows only)?

Re: Young Faces at BIAFF 2017

Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:24 pm
by Dave Watterson
Never having entered BIAFF let alone having a film chosen for screening I do not know ... but don't the makers of films that are being shown get the offer of a free day ticket?

I agree that the Young Faces selection was mostly watched by rather old faces such as mine!

But we did have a couple of swear words and a couple of sex scenes, which did not seem to upset anyone the way they would have done a few years ago.

In addition to the films mentioned by Tim I was impressed with EMILY by Niamh Kirby ... the story of a young girl coming to terms with her sexuality and being hopelessly in love with Emily. It was tasteful, but more important it was powerfully performed and shot to stress the emotional infatuation.

We know that interested people who live near a BIAFF tend not to attend it: something about not valuing things on their own doorstep. So any young people who might have attended would have to travel - an expensive business. There is also the risk that they are away on family holidays while the school holidays are on.

Re: Young Faces at BIAFF 2017

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:10 pm
by TimStannard
Dave Watterson wrote: In addition to the films mentioned by Tim I was impressed with EMILY by Niamh Kirby
Oh good grief, how could I forget? (Probably because the name of the Film hadn't stuck in my mind). This was such a maturely handled piece - probably the best "coming to terms with sexuality" I have ever seen (not that there have been that many, admittedly). So difficult to strike the right sort of balance. This wasn't gushy stuff, it wasn't cynical, it wasn't preachy, it wasn't angry, it wasn't complaining or moany. Generally films dealing with people who don't fit into the statistical majority in one way or another are at least one of the above.

It captured the infatuation, yes, but dealt with it in a matter of fact way and was so much stronger for it. And the message was very positive.

Fantastic piece of writing and video.

On other matters, school holidays were definitely over. If your film is shown you don't get a free ticket (if someone corrects me on this I'll be writing to the IAC for several refunds). Travel is expensive, but not so much for the kids. I'm just surprised there weren't proud parents desperate to see their offsprings' works on the international stage. But the again I live in a world where if little Johnny so much as farts everyone is expected to applaud ;)

Re: Young Faces at BIAFF 2017

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:24 am
by Pqtrick
Taking Tim Stannard's advice by clicking the link to see 'Goth on the Beach'. I thought it was excellent, a pickup of some very amusing moments and overall fine film. Animation takes load and loads of patience and the maker deserves more credit. I didn't go the to the Young peoples show because I chose not to. I always make a boeuf about people not going when they have gained an award. Especially on the Grand Finale on Sunday.
I wasn't gong to post here what I liked, enjoyed or hated, first its the wrong thread and secondly they say its all down to personal choice.
Perhaps the acid test is ask Joe Public. Which would they chose? A plastercine animation or a tale of broken mirrors?