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Crowd funding

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:34 pm
by ned c
"I have this incredibly expensive hobby and I would like you to pay for it, give me lots of money and you get a tee shirt or a producer credit".

A local film maker set up a crowd funding project with a request for $50,000; it failed and deserved to. There was a great deal of fine prose but when it came to how the money was to be spent it was full of phrases such as "it will all be up on the screen", "we have made arrangements with local locations", "our team of technicians are the finest in the SW", and so on. But no sense of a real budget showing the allocation of funds to specific expenses, for all we could tell most of the money would go to the film makers as "expenses". An examination of most crowd funded films fit this model.

I am happy to support many forms of film making but not these crowd funded projects, the only role of the donors is to provide money; an investment with little or no return!

ned c