Are Film Competitions a Lottery?

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Michael Slowe
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Re: Are Film Competitions a Lottery?

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Although I've already contributed to this thread I feel compelled to add one more post.

Dave, that judging system goes dead against all that our friends on this forum have been saying! Analysing each technical aspect of a film is not judging it. That's a dissection. That is why I show my rough cuts to non film makers, just film goers (viewers). They know little of the production process, they don't care, the question is did they like the film, did they think it good, bad or indifferent.

Ned writes exactly the way I feel about it.

On another point, raised by Willy. I agree, too many small cinemas at BIAFF. Four or five people viewing your film is not a show, it's almost an insult. We know why David Newman does this, he needs (wants) as many films as possible to be shown to attract the makers to the festival. Well, I'm sorry but it should be a reward for a good film to be shown and they deserve a big audience. This would be achieved by only having, say, two cinemas, plus the big one for the Sunday. If someone only attends the festival to see one's own film then I'm sorry for them. I want to see other people's films, I've seen mine! I rarely attend my own screenings, I do enjoy the odd occasion I have a Sunday showing, for obvious reasons.
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Re: Are Film Competitions a Lottery?

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Michael is absolutely correct! A few years ago, the mini cinemas were usually full and often people were stood at the back of the room as there were no seats left. Our films were always seen by a decent number of people and it made it all worthwhile. But for reasons unknown, the past couple of years in particular, as Michael says, each mini cinema might have just a handful of people which isn`t really a show at all. I don`t know whether this is because less people are attending the weekends or that they are just going for the Sunday only. A few events have been well down the south of the country and this may be one reason as many will not travel so far. The ones in Chesterfield are usually busy as this region is probably more accessible to more people, both north and south.
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