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Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 10:20 pm
by Dave Watterson
Go to ... /playlists

We now have a playlist on YouTube and a Channel on Vimeo. The only place to see all of them and the few films on other video hosts is

I am open to ideas on how to make the YouTube channel look/work better ... but without two functioning eyes at present there is a limit to what I can do quickly.

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 5:30 am
by TimStannard
Talk about quick to respond! Well done Dave.

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 9:13 am
by Mark Anthony Games
Great work Dave. Now this needs to be promoted to death. Post links everywhere. Send me the link and I will do the same :-)

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 2:42 pm
by Dave Watterson
The link is the first post in this thread!

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 5:08 pm
by TimStannard
Here's a shortened version of the link for Twitter etc (this goes straight into the 2015 playlist, rather than the "list of playlists")

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 6:40 pm
by ned c
Our first time at BIAFF and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thanks to the people who helped/communicated/chatted. Thanks to the IAC, Dave and Michael for the complete shock of the honor although it did give my age away. Back home now after an 11 hour flight and a 2 hour shuttle ride so somewhat jet lagged. Will become coherent in a day or so.

ned c

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 9:27 pm
by Dave Watterson
Tim - thanks for the short link ... I hope this is what Mark can use.

Ned - very sorry to have missed you and Mary on this trip. I am also rather proud that IAC was able to acknowledge the work you have done for our hobby, even though much of it has been done in the USA. In terms of world bodies IAC acts more "internationally" than most despite the reputation Britons have of being parochial. If AMPS had been the sort of organisation it was 20 years ago you would have had many such honours from them. But now, wear your fellowship with pride!

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 4:31 pm
by Bob Lorrimer
I am an enthusiast of VIMEO.....and I am delighted that Dave has created a Channel to show the BIAFF 2105 films.

However amassing a large quantity of 'hits' is, I suggest, unlikely. The only way to generate large volume response on Vimeo is to have the good fortune to have a film selected by the Staff of Vimeo for their STAFF PICK CHANNEL. This is the first port of call for Vimeo visitors....and results in large volumes of views.

The STAFF PICK CHANNEL generally go for polished, relatively short, Videos which vary from animation through fiction and documentary to Music video. They generally have a high degree of artistry and sophistication.......individual producers DO have films selected (I have one from Vimeo's early days) but it seems to be very random and currently difficult to achieve.

This was posted recently and packs a lot of punch into it's 10 minutes.....there is an astonishing and alarming shot in the film...when you are on the Vimeo page click on the link to see how the film was made

YOU TUBE can deliver vast hit rates.....again, the hit rates appear to be entirely film THE DRILL has some 25K views with You Tube but my other films very low results....clearly the viewing Public have no particular loyalty!

MARK is right about promoting the 'hell out of it' but how one finds the target audience is a digital mystery!

Ideally one wants to create a storyline which features: A Cat, a steam train, a meercat, David Beckham's Boxer shorts, anyone with a serious illness, a man throwing himself a high building with nothing more than a GO PRO and an umbrella, a cuddly bunny, Lindsey Stirling and .. and . and

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 6:02 pm
by TimStannard
Bob, your post highlights how we need different horses for different courses. Vimeo is, without doubt, the place where the really talented and capable show their wares.
MAG is talking about getting as wide a promotion as possible and YouTube is the way to go there.
25K hits? Piffle. Approaching 135K hits here: About laying bricks! No cats, no WWII heros/victims, no semi/naked women, hardly a "trendy" how to, (Mind you I think I did a reasonable jon with the edit). I suspect vimeo might have accumulated 20 views by now.
Don't get me wrong. I am not anti Vimeo. If I want to watch videos that's where I go. But for promotion to a wider audience than film makers, YT has to be the way to go.

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 12:03 pm
by Bob Lorrimer
Very good Tim...and I was still awake at the end of your film!

It is a curiosity of the digital revolution that there are indeed genres of video making which are much more popular than 'entertainment film making'.

That more people are fascinated by 'Cat Behaviour patterns,' 'bowel movements,' 'conspiracy theories, or 'pointing' may astonish me - but it is a fact.

Incidentally I 'monetized' THE DRILL a couple of years ago on You Tube and I am informed that after some 25,000 views I have earned .01p I have not ordered my Bentley.


Last night our Club (Huddersfield) viewed a "South Western Club's" films (the Club shall remain nameless). We were provided with a Show reel. We have capable full HD projection kit at do most Clubs.

The SD DVD was an SD/HD compilation on one DVD and that is the end of the good news......The SD films had poor resolution and the luckless HD users had their work stuttering on all the 'pans' through out the reel.

I mean, Come on Guys! If you are going to put your work out there to Showcase might at least get it right! If one has not got the tech to 'compile' a DVD why not just send an auto start DVD. All mine start automatically after 8's not Rocket least i have the satisfaction of having my film shown at it's best (irrespective of content).

I once submitted a film to a festival only to discover that it was being shown on a brick wall! (WITH TUCKPOINTING of course!)

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 7:49 pm
by Willy
I was very happy that I could attend BIAFF without a moonface again. I think it was the 14th time. Buxton, Chesterfield, Harrogate, Bedford, Weymouth, Norwich, Royal Tunbridge Wells... Sittingbourne was one of the best. Nobody complained about the hotel. It was modern, clean and comfortable. Excellent food, too! A cosy bar. Spacious rooms. Friendly staff. Ample car park.

My film "Master of Time" was shown on Saturday. The screen was very big and the sound was excellent. There were not many people in the Alfred Hitchcock at that moment. What a shame! To be honest I was a bit disappointed. Also a very long film was programmed in that room. Maybe that was the reason. But I am understanding you know. I myself missed some films made by good IAC-friends. And on previous occasions my movies were even screened on Sunday. Two weeks ago I showed my "Master of Time" in première in our village hall. Audience: 120 people! Lesson: you must always think that there are other opportunities to show your movies: in your club, IAC-library, in your region, in other festivals or competitions. Only in the land "Utopia" more than 100 films can be screened at winners' show in one day.

The most important thing was that I could have a chat with some IAC-friends (Mike, the Michaels, Linda, Ken, Carol, Ron, Joy, Pat, Dorothy, Brian, John, Tom, Brenda, Betty, Mary, Peter, Annabelle, Reg, Philip, Geoff, Freddy, Romy, David, etc... etc... It was also a great pleasure to talk to Ned Cordery and Tony Grant for the very first time. A pity that I missed David and Jan, Ian, Geoff and Valrie, Jack, Afifa, Richard, Dorothy and Norman, Elisa and some friends from across the Border, from Luxembourg, etc...

I enjoyed most films, but allow me to mention some titles: "Tut Tut!" (though I missed Tim), "Thibault", "Jim's Dream", "Building a Dream Boat" (on Saturday), also "The Patient Fisherman", "The White House", "Copy That", "Take Two", "Selfie", "Writer's Block", "The Wild Adventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid" and Riunione di Famiglia" (actor was fantastic!) (on Sunday).

On Tuesday I went back home. Vera and I witnessed a terrible accident on the M20. A lorry crashed into a small car just in front of us...! But in the mean time I went back to beautiful Kent. I am making a dramatised documentary called "Hopping Around the Weald". I was helped by two fantastic Haywards Heath Movie Makers. Alas, on our way back I knocked down a colourful duck on the A274. Forgive me! I could not avoid it. I still feel miserable (not joking!).

Re: BIAFF - the Festival

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 8:13 pm
by Willy
Of course, I also had a chat with Bob Lorrimor. Again he received a diamond award. He said that he was surprised about this result, but I find it one of his best. Some weeks ago I showed his "Drill" at the première of my own film "Master of Time" in our village hall. You could hear the audience while they were watching Bob's film. It's a pity that most people from abroad would not understand "Writer's Block". They don't know that wonderful poem by William Wordsworth. Maybe they would not realize how fantastic "Writer's Block" is. I love Bob's humour.

An other funny film was "The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James & Billy the Kid". The last scene was a pleasant surprise: a young girl being tied up on a tree. Shaun's movie and Bob's one were my favourite films at BIAFF. Laughing and smiling is good for your health. It's a medicine.