TO LOVE A MAN FESTIVAL 2012 - results

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TO LOVE A MAN FESTIVAL 2012 - results

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The festival takes place in Oswiecim / Auschwitz which means its title is not implying what you might otherwise have thought. It takes place every second year and deals with the way people deal with other people.
The overall winner was "Marivanna" which you can see in its English version here: ... vanna.html

Only one British film was selected for screening, Ian Woodward's "Too Many Ghosts".

Ian has come a long way since he joined the forum in January 2010. This film has had success at several festivals and is being shown 13 times between 5th December and 24th February at the Imperial War Museum in London. He commented:

"Never in a million years, when I was making the film, did I expect that audiences would be watching it in both a London war museum and in the former Auschwitz. The thought of it is quite spine-numbing."
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