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60,000 visitors!
What a pity ! I have already paid for accommodation in Harrogate. Now I won't be able to attend BIFF anymore which takes place from 7th to 19th April. Of course I am not serious when saying this. But it is true : there is also BIFFF. It was the first time that I heard about it when reading the Belgian "Film and Video Maker" magazine, issue January & February 2011. BIFFF means "Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival". Last year there were 60,000 visitors! Unbelievable, isn't it ?

Zombies, horror and a day nursery
100 films will be shown : horror, science-fiction, cultfilms and thrillers. It's a very eccentric festival. There will also be different events : competitions in body-painting and make-up. There will be a bookstand in "BIFFF-village" where you can buy comic strips. You can visit rhe Comics & DVD Market and Manga Market. Furthermore there is Janpanimation Day with the newest Anime films and Cosplay Contest for those who love dressing up parties. You can find more information on There is even a Zombie Parade in Brussels City Centre. The "night ravens" (Dutch word) can live it up at the Vampire Dance Party until dawn. Moreover there is also the first Ba-Bifffsitting : a day nursery for young couples with babies.

My babies are adults now. I don't need a day nursery for them. And my youngest grandson is in the primary school already.
So, it's good that I can attend BIAFF. I won't miss BIFFF. Anyway, BIFFF is a good event for young people and to attract young film enthusiasts. It must be quite a job to organize such a festival.
Willy Van der Linden
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