Attending BIAFF and Nothing Films

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Ken Wilson

Attending BIAFF and Nothing Films

Post by Ken Wilson »

Hi to you all. So much to think and write about following this year`s BIAFF
event. As always, we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. there are always lots
of films to see and discuss and of course it`s great to catch up with everyone
and talk movies.
It is an added bonus when our own films are screened and well received, which
this year, they were.

First a bit about the cost. Yes, it does seem to put some people off coming
to the event. For several reasons this year, we booked quite late and decided
to "do our own thing" and book each part of the weekend to go as we pleased.
We stayed at the same hotel, but booked it via the internet and not via the
IAC. We then booked 3 two-day tickets and paid for our meals as we went along.
This gave us much more freedom to choose our food and restaurants, but it
didn`t mean we would miss out meeting friends.

As an interesting "experiment" we actually saved about £90 on the IAC package
price. I don`t know how much this was taking money from the IAC purse and
how much from the hotel (who made a killing from the vastly over-priced drinks
anyway!) I don`t know if it would severely affect the costing and running
of these events if many people did it this way, but we did pay the £18 times
3 for day passes into the IAC funds.

The films were all interesting in their own ways. We saw the Bronze Standard
programme in one of the Saturday mini cinemas and although some of the acting
was cringe-making, the corny jokes got a laugh and it was a lot of fun. Gold
and Silver films were clearly much better and there was a good selection
of all genres. I have mixed views about the long breaks on Saturday. After
one show (I think a morning one) we had one hour and a quarter to fill. This
does give you time to walk around, stretch legs, get some fresh air and chat
to people, but on the other hand, we could have seen a couple more films
and have had a shorter break. Still, it is a fine balancing act and no matter
what Brian does, he cannot please everyone with the programming.

The Sunday morning break is always a problem, getting packing done and paying
the bill and then getting back for the show.

I have to agree with some of the comments made about "Nothing Girl". It WAS
obvious that the OUT OF FOCUS shots were intentional as they were so far
out. (Not soft!!!)But the images were always interesting and intriguing.
It held my interest as far as the end, wondering what it was all about, but
then the cop-out. It was not certain at all, what it WAS about! So the overall
impression I got was of a very pretentious film with no story to speak of.
Another "Kings new clothes movie". That`s when a film is so obscure that
some people think it must be their fault that they don`t understand it and
give it an International award to be on the safe side. Not the first time
this has happened in a competition.I think this one was undeserving of it`s
award I`m afraid.

Apart from this, the Sunday shows were all excellent. We looked away during
the Spider scenes, but photography was stunning. The moustache film would
have been my winner as I think it was brilliantly done using no dialogue
to tell it`s story. There was so much symbolism in what it means to be different
and the fickleness of fame in the public eye. "Hannah" was beautifully shot,
perfectly framed and with lovely saturated colours. The battle of the oranges
film was fascinating and it just proves that it is not only the English who
are mad.
"Team" was a very ambitious film and didn`t seem to be well over an hour
long. I did think (controversially) that the acting was a bit variable and
some of the dialogue was not always delivered with conviction. There were
also some gaping plot holes. Why 50 raids I wonder? Still, it was an impressive
"Reasons" I liked. The acting was very good and it was well writen and shot.
I have probably forgotten some, but all were worthy of the show.

So all together, if you didn`t come to Bedford, you missed a treat.
Can`t wait for next year...(I think I said that last year!)

Ken Wilson.
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