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You'll Believe A Man Can Fly!

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2003 12:41 am
by Cinema For Thurso Group
It's a real pity I can't whip a photo in here because CFT is doing something
exciting (not technically perfect-but exciting) on Super 8mm. It's funny
because we we're thinking about our latest project which involves Fairies,
back in December.
There was a need to bring the picture to life because it looked as if it
was going to have to rely on chase scenes to set the action and pace and
there was only going to be 3 or 4 brief visual effects which would be spectacular.
We were going to do a scene with fire raging through a forest (yes it can
be done without a single flame) but it is too costly to go beyond 4 shots
at 1.5 seconds each.
Over the whole of last year I'd been thinking about what other processes
could be employed to bring some fizz and umph to the picture. I had some
ideas with the computor to produce some special images to create static shots
to add a bit of visual wonder. BUT THEN! In December I tried out something
that had been at the back of my mind all year and BY GOD JINGOES- IT WORKED.
Now I'm really iching to tell you what I did and how it worked but I still
haven't finished the film and I don't want to let the cat out of the bag
just yet.
It was ironic that the Jan/Feb edition of FVM covered the same subject on
video whilst I've been sat here making images for my film and creating beyond
previously attainable boundaries(not sure if that's gramatically correct).
Let's just say if I filmed it, "You'll believe a man can fly!" Perhaps pigs
too if you really want them too.
The amazing thing is all of you are more than likely in possesion of the
bits and bobs you need to do what CFT is now doing.
If you don't suss it out before I tell you (perhaps by May at the earliest)
I'll certainly let you all know.
It's a big one, an exciting one and it has opened up areas of amateur Super
8mm filming that have previously been beyond the means of the amateur.