Filming shows in 4K and cropping

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Michael Slowe
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Re: Filming shows in 4K and cropping

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I've never had to film a live show but have in the past recorded talks. Sometimes I was able to change camera positions which was quite possible by leaving the camera running, which meant that the radio mic on the subject was always capturing audio, and I avoided jump cutting by shooting shots of the audience. I was able to save the time used up by re setting up the camera by slowing up the audience shots in post. As they are mostly pretty static a slight slo mo doesn't show. I suppose with your live stage shows you dare not miss any action so audience slo mo wouldn't help.
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Re: Filming shows in 4K and cropping

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A clever trick Michael. Probably not one I'd use in the case of live shows (as the camera in question is generally behind the audience and too far away to get any real change in angle) but one I'll bear in mind for other situations.
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