XLR mics into my DSLR

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tom hardwick
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XLR mics into my DSLR

Post by tom hardwick » Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:02 am

My digital stills camera shoots wonderful movies as they all do these days, but the mic-in is the standard tiny ⅛'' stereo socket. I'd like to plug in my XLR mics, radio and shotgun, but I don't really want to use a bulky Beechtek box as I did with my VX2000 years ago.

So what are my options? Ideally I'd like two female XLR sockets feeding a male ⅛'' plug, maybe on a very short lead. Doing this do I lose the shielding performance that XLR wiring brings to the game? Any other thoughts?

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Re: XLR mics into my DSLR

Post by TimStannard » Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:23 am

Any Google for XLR to DSLR brings up items similar to the Beechtek. Even with the Beechtek box (I have a Juiced Link - same principle) you'd still have a very short 1/8" cable. If you still have this you could simply try it with a longer 1/8" cable and test the interference (the idea being you attach the Box to your belt in some way or put it in a bum bag so you only have the 1/8" cable interfering with your camera.

My preferred method would be to separate the two - use a digital audio recorder for the XLRs. Many have an output matched to the mic level input of a DSLR so you could use this in place of a Beechtek when circumstances dictate. The best of both worlds!

Using it separately obviously does require syncing in post - if you tend to shoot lots of short clips an investment in something like PluralEyes may be worthwhile. I believe Premiere now has audio syncing built in.
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