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Ken Wilson
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Re: From tape to memory card

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The "look" of a camera can have positive or negative effects of course. If you have read my article in FVM from a couple of years ago about when we were shooting our comedy/ thriller in Wakefield town centre, "The Contract," you will see what I mean.

I was using one of the Z5s as we were trying to do a scene on the outdoor shopping precinct escalator when two security guards stopped us to ask what we were doing. I tried to tell them it was "just" an amateur film. But in this case, the "look" of the camera (pro) no doubt worked against us. If we had been shooting on a tiny camera or a smartphone, I think we would have got away with it. They told us to move on as we didn`t have permission to film there.
So what is good for a wedding can be bad for our own little fiction films!

No Michael, I wasn`t closing down the discussion, just adding further information.
Cathy Poole
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Re: From tape to memory card

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Sorry Michael,

But I have to disagree with you and say that the cameras you have listed do look
like slightly smaller versions of professional cameras.

The Sony Z5 - EX1 - and the PXW Z150 may look like small amateur cameras to you,
but to most people in the street who don't make films, and some of us who do,
these machines look incredibly sophisticated.

Have you ever thought of using something even smaller such as The Sony HDR CX 115?
It can shoot on HD.

Please have a look at a film made by a friend of mine, shot on a tiny Sony HDR CX 115.

WHAT'S IT WORTH? by Susie Walker

This film-maker went out into the street, and shot many interviews of television presenters,
professional camera operators, sound recordists, and antique enthusiasts.
All of these people seemed very co-operative and looked as though they were quite happy to be filmed.

Was it the small camera used, or could it have been the friendly person behind that small camera?
tom hardwick
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Re: From tape to memory card

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Friendly person behind the small camera, to be sure. And a friendly person who doesn't have 2½ kg of camera sticking out of his forehead, but is using the camera's LCD sidescreen with the camera held at waist height in a casual, non-threatening way. That's not to say you're using it in a casual way, it's just an impression you're giving to camouflage the camera's bulk and sophistication.

Anyway, a fascinating thread and thank you to all of you for your words of wisdom on archiving and future trends.

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