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1066 and 4K and all that.

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:58 pm
by Pqtrick
I have not been on the forum for some time, so whether this topic has been well and truly roasted I don't know.
They say that an Ill wind..behind every cloud....Well my ill wind was that about a month ago on the last day of a holiday in France, I had all my camera equipment stolen. I won't go into the trauma of the event but anyone can imagine what it was like. In the doldrums for a number of weeks I have had all the kit replaced by the insurance cover. It really only softens the blow. (The lot went mic batts ND filters, Battery grip, cables charger for a still camera) and a couple of SD cards of the wedding we had been to)
I had had a Panasonic Lumix GH3 which has now been replaced by a GH4 with the insurance. After a bit of a saga about an offer of a mic worth 9.99 from Joe's Warehouse against my Senheisser worth about 200£ with Rycote windjammer.

Having given the sorry back story I'll get to the point. While it will do 1080p HD or the same as I did on the GH3, everyone I speak to gets wildly excited about it being able to 'do 4K'. Before loosing the other camera, I could not have given twopence for 4K and then there is on the new camera there is a 24 hertz setting enabling the 24fps feature. And a cinematic setting something like 4CK. All new to me.

OK we are going forward to this 4K if the upward compatible kit is available. I hate these squeaky clean images where everything is in focus and sharp from the hairs on people noses to the sparrows on distant telegraph line. I have a couple of other lenses (left at home luckily) one of which can open to f1.7 and with a ND filter obtain a misty out of focus background. The other a Canon FD lens 50mm which will open to f1.8 and do the same.

On the editing side I use a Mac, so that I can proxy edit and then output to full resolution if I wish but to what?. The camera can output to a 4K recording device but one it is said, is not available yet - Most, if not all clubs, do not have 4K projectors as of yet, but then in what format is the media saved. Uploading on line for competitions where one can, is not going to be possible, I take about three hours to do a fifteen minute short. I managed to crack the output to memory stick and then into a computer and into a projector for club and CEMRIAC. Presumably at some stage all this will be possible with 4K (?)

So should one 4K or not 4K? I can see the advantage of being about to crop it when working in 1080p but at the mo not much more. Whats with 24fps when we edit at 25fps at 50 hertz?
Should I worry, any comments?

PS why have a camera bag with a place for everything? Trying the new bag, I though OK you know where everything is, but if it is lifted again you have lost the lot!

Patrick :?
Atherstone in the Rural County of Warwickshire.

Re: 1066 and 4K and all that.

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:40 am
by TimStannard
Very sorry to learn of your losses, Patrick.
My 2p worth, based on no more than frequenting forums where such things are discussed:

Those who shoot and edit in 4K very often deliver in HD and nearly all claim (with many people agreeing) it looks better than material shot and edited in HD.

The visible difference between 4K and HD is nowhere near as great as it was between SD and HD and I suspect therefore 4K will be a slower take-up.
Video clubs ought to be leading the way here and all investing if 4K projection systems - isn't that what clubs are meant to do: pool resources to puchase items that individuals cannot afford? But if it follows the pattern of HD, then this is unlikely to happen before most of us have domestic 4K TVs.