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YT url query

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:29 am
by Peter Stedman
For years now I’ve been making videos, posting them on YT (Unlisted) and sending the links for interested parties. Never once had any problem. Yesterday I did similar and posted the link to three others and whilst two opened the link with no problem, the third was unable to open it. He emailed “When I click the link it wants me to log into to Youtube (Google). It gives me my videos, but I can’t find yours.” I discovered later by phone that when he says ‘It give me my videos’ that it gives him his own YT account and not the video I had sent him. All this was very baffling but trying to solve it over the phone I discovered that by looking at the block on right side in YT which is Video Information,the bottom section is VIDEO URL. I had never really looked at this before and it was noticed that this URL was quite different to the one(s) I normally sent to people.

I sent this to my friend, who was unable to open my original link, this new link and he was able to view the video. Everyone happy now. So whilst the problem has been solved, we would both like to know – in words of one syllable please – the explanation and background behind this.

In the meanwhile I have sent the original link to others and they have no problem in opening and viewing the YT video.

Thanks for you hoped for help. Pete