Oh No - not another technical problem.

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Oh No - not another technical problem.

Post by Peter Stedman » Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:50 pm

For several years I’ve used for copying discs a programme called BurnOn CD&DVD. After it copies it always retains the files for making further copies if needed. It makes the saved file as Subject.mds. It has always done me proud.

I’ve just been asked to make a further copy of a DVD made ages ago and this file is on an external HD but there is a problem in that this HD when connected to either of my PCs they instantly lock up. I have discovered that by connecting to a very old laptop I can access the files and located the one I want. However the info shows for the single file needed it shows three files as Subject.MD1 Subject MD2 and MDF
Naturally my burning programme doesn’t recognise any of these. I’ve tried using ImgBurn also to no avail. I also tried the old dodge of renaming one of the files to .mds also to no avail.

Can anyone offer advice on this problem please?


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