WIN.7 time and date display

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Re: WIN.7 time and date display

Post by Stephen »

Will be interesting to see what happens when most go over to MS 8.1 then alleged free upgrade to win 10 next year. .. wonder how many 3rd party companies have the resources to re write software/drivers based on the appalling support of backward compatibility from MS alone...
just ask MS xbox 360 / xbox one users!!! DAMHIKIJKOK !!
It's a mahoosive money making game fer sure!

PCs slightly different as you have a lot more preserve my sanity in the constant upgrade game, I use removable HDD caddies and keep copies of complete setups eg XP working tickety boo.... but do not allow it to connect to the internet...
Tim is correct in saying that it's best to wipe and reinstall on a regular basis to keep stuff working efficiently...

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Re: WIN.7 time and date display

Post by TimStannard »

Stephen wrote:appalling support of backward compatibility from MS alone...
That's a really tricky one. Providing backward comparability introduces loads more code and consequently loads more scope for bugs.
Real life example: In the 1970's and 80's I worked as a programmer for a major frozen foods company. I was in the support department, looking after the live systems which ran overnight, receiving details from depots, warehouses and factories about orders received, products manufactured, sales and stock movements. There ran through various processes and by the morning details of what needed to be produced in factories, shipped to whcih warehouses and shipped to which depots and shipped to which customers .. you get the idea. By the time I was involved the computer system had been through two major revamps. So in the heart we had the basic files of transactions, but a later system which had the same files but with additional information, and the third layer which had yet more information. I calculated at one stage that something like 50% of the programs were simply converting files between the different generations (so as to keep older/newer systems working) rather than actually performing any useful calculations/processing. Not only wasteful, but subject to bugs (suddenly allow one program/system to roll over from £99.99 to £100.00 and this had all sorts of repercussions on the others - remember the Millennium Bug scare - that was this sort of thing)
Fast forward to today where we have far more complex code and so much more of it and I'm sure there are people itching to totally rewrite Windows from the ground up. It's never going to happen, but whilst backward compatability is desirable in many case, it carries with it both risks and bloat.

I'm now off to produce a newsletter on DOS3.3 and Wordperfect 5.1. If only I could find the 5.25" floppy disk in order to boot my whizzy 286 ...
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