Amazing drone shots

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ned c
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Amazing drone shots

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Here in the USA the authorities are struggling with how to control the use of drones with talk of operators having to have private pilots licences. Meanwhile they proliferate.

ned c
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Dave Watterson
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Re: Amazing drone shots

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Ulp! Not good for people uncomfortable with heights!

I notice that what we get is a series of separate shots and seldom does it seem possible to control the drone precisely enough to manoeuvre it freely while keeping the subject centre shot. That suggests that for normal use - as opposed to something like this - it might be better to plan alternate shots from the drone and from elsewhere.

I fear that drone shots will be vastly overused for a couple of years - just as glide-bar shots have been in recent years. Like all such things, they are a useful tool but need to be kept for when they are truly appropriate.

The UK rules require people shooting from drones for reward to take an expensive course for a couple of days and get some sort of licence. As the powers-that-be somewhat whimsically say: "Getting a bottle of beer for your drone work is not a problem, but if you get a case of beer you need to have a licence." The general rules for all are that the pilot must be able to see the drone at all times, so you cannot send it round your house unless you are controlling it from some high point overlooking the building. And it must not be closer than 50 metres to people.

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Re: Amazing drone shots

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Thank you Ned for posting these amazing shots. Most interesting. I stand correcting but I believe here in the UK you need to notify the authorities if you are going to fly a kite near an airport.
col lamb
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Re: Amazing drone shots

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Great shots.

There was a reported near miss in the UK when some idiot flew his drone close to a passenger jet near on of our major airports.

There are leglislative flying rules in place in the UK which are basically no fly zones unless you are qualified and have permission from the CAA via air traffic control. Elsewhere you are free to fly an aircraft, microlight etc as long as you are above 500 feet, unless taking off or landing. There is also a distance of 3000 feet which an aircraft is to be kept away from a crowd of people.

So drones should be OK to fly by anyone as long as the flying location is safe, clear of people and the drone is kept less than 500 feet above the ground.

It would be safer if people flying drones held a license with the BMFA (model flying association).

Where I live we are under the flight path of Warton which whilst a civillian company it is classed as a military flight zone and there is a 1500 feet max height that microlights and light aircraft can fly at without permission of Warton ATC.

If you look at a map of England there are huge areas of the country where flying is under ATC control, but ths is height related and complex, on the other hand you can legally fly from one end of the UK to the other without permission as long as you avoid the flight controlled areas. Are you confused? Well that is precisely why the CAA are very concerned bout some idiot flying his drone in front of an aurcraft.
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Peter B
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Re: Amazing drone shots

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An amazing video. But you won't catch me climbing a thing like that!!
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