DV Doctor hack and just how safe is your web access login

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col lamb
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DV Doctor hack and just how safe is your web access login

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For those who do not frequent it, the DV Doctor forum is where the old Computer Video mag forum was hosted, since the mags' demise the forum has expanded greatly is is a great source of material.

Just over a week ago the forum was hacked and it is expected to be down until next week.

I can sort of understand why hackers can attack a business but certainly not why they would attack a forum for helping others and for sharing information.

The Administrators state that they do not think that passwords were hacked (I take there comment that they actually have no idea).

This in turn leads on to me offering aquestion that I suggest you answer to yourself....... just how many web sites do I log on to with the same user name and same password?

Now just how many of those sites hold information about you that could be valuable about cloning your identity.

I often have the same user name and password on forum sites but on any where financial details are held then they are totally different, despite this I have had a problem.

Something seems to have happened to one of my credit cards with three transactions totalling over £800 being charged to my account............good luck to the idiot who used my credit card to pay a parking fine in London and for two other transactions again in London.

The last time I was in London was last May, my car stayed outside the charging zone in the hotel car park for three nights and I did not use the credit card once so no joy there as to where my card was cloned; and no, it never goes out of sight when in a shop.

So just where did my data get stolen from?
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Brian Saberton
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Re: DV Doctor hack and just how safe is your web access logi

Post by Brian Saberton »

I have a multitude of different passwords and it is a pain in the neck. Nothing seems to be off limits to the hackers. I was looking at the web-site of a local historical society recently and they've had to close down their forum because of hacking so a valuable resource has been lost, probably permanently. And they didn't even have all that many members.
Brian Saberton
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Re: DV Doctor hack and just how safe is your web access logi

Post by billyfromConsett »

I think the biggest threat to the average punter who uses the internet is the threat from sites that look like your bank etc asking you to confirm your payment details ...

But for all of us, if you key the details into online computers of your bank card numbers or paypal login details, you're taking a risk. And I do, most weeks of the year.
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Re: DV Doctor hack and just how safe is your web access logi

Post by Chrisbitz »

imagine if you never use the internet, and only pay by telephone. You speak to the British Gas operator, with a funny accent on the other side of the world, and dutifully give him your credit card details, cos you're too smart to risk it on the internet. He types it into his computer system and your details wing their way over the seas to India, and gets saved into a data centre in Mumbai.

The next day, a less than honest server technician walks into the data centre, and downloads all the credit card details onto a USB stick, leaves the building and passes it onto a friend outside who gives him $40,000 for the USB stick.

There was a big fuss about 4 years ago when a couple of large Indian Datacentres were discovered to have non-existant security, and the above scenario was relatively commonplace.
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