Upgrading editing software

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Upgrading editing software

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There have been a few e-mails flying across the either via our NLE e-mail group on upgrading your Premiere version since when Adobe CS6 come out next year the upgrade costs are probably going to be very high unless you have CS5.5 when the upgrade cost is likely to be more reasonable (but don't bet on it)

If you do not have the correct specification of a PC then you will not get CS5.5 to work never mind CS6.

So if you are considering upgrading do please take my advice and check your PC specification against the minimun required to operate CS5.5. You will need to have a 64 bit version of Windows 7 installed and if you do not then you will have to factor that into your costs. A final warning on Windows 7, DO NOT get the Home version as is does not handle the PC memory as good as the more expensive versions
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