Pinnacle 12 puzzle

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Pinnacle 12 puzzle

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Several of my colleagues use Pinnacle 12 (Don’t suppose they will ever be cured) however, visiting one today who was happily creating a nice short movie and the final touch was adding a track of suitable music. All played very well. Then, as he normally does, he exported it as a FLV file prior to putting his masterpiece on You Tube. Then came a totally new problem. His FLV file played very well with the original sound track but not the music track. We tried a couple of times with the same result.

I then suggested we export as a WMV file and, yes, you have guessed, this file played perfectly and was subsequently uploaded to You Tube.

Can anyone offer an explanation as to why, for the first time, the FLV file did not play the music track and the WMV file did? Bit of a puzzle! Pete
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