Developing Super 8mm film

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Michael Gough
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Developing Super 8mm film

Post by Michael Gough »

At a recent Festival I was approached by someone with a 30 year old cartridge of E160, Kodak Ektachrome Super 8mm movie film type A, made in USA.

Can anyone help him with details of where to get it developed?

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Dave Watterson
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The obvious choice is the Widescreen Centre. They offer the service but it should be more widely available because Super-8mm is still in use. Many students like it. ... ision.html

You and Linda go to so many festivals this could have happened anywhere, but I know you were recently in the North West which is a hotbed of cine people. The team at Bury Club specialise in the stuff with sprocket holes. I am sure they could help.

They also run the "Cine Is Alive" website

This includes a searchable database which lists 18 processors of 8mm in many countries. The UK ones in addition are

Widescreen Centre - see above (London)

Film Camera Kit - (London)

Photoword (Llandudno) contact


Ray Williamson
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Post by Ray Williamson »

It probably needs a modified E6 process (modified mainly to remove the anti-halation backing).
Sounds obvious but ... have you tried asking Kodak? As they provide the chemicals they will know who processes it!
Ray Williamson, East Sussex.
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