You won't believe this....

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You won't believe this....

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Have just posted this on the IAC-general-private group but thought there
may be some here not on it, who might be interested in these bizarre ideas..........

I collect, among other subjects, old books on amateur film making. Just
bought a 1933 book on 'Amateur Talking Pictures" There is a section on recording
film sound onto a four track paper(!) strip 300 metres long and running at
same speed as film. Also, (and you won't believe this!), some discussion
about putting the pictures too on paper instead of film to save
costs!! To be viewed with an Epidiascope or Moviola type projector.

Now you really won't believe also of putting the sound track
right across the WHOLE of the picture area on a film in order to obtain better
audio quality, and then, by use of a coloured filter, blocking it from being
seen on the cinema screen!

Now here's the punch line.... a recorded gramophone disc played back through
a horizontal very large horn (in order to get volume!), and the film projector
mounted directly behind the horn and projecting the picture right through
the centre of the
horn and so onto the screen. It was called,
"The Photophone."
Talk about the good old days!
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