FVM Magazine May 2019

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Dave Watterson
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FVM Magazine May 2019

Post by Dave Watterson »

My copy arrived yesterday and looks just as sleek as ever. There are a few design changes and Cathy will be pleased that the back cover has changed!

Most of it is very like the previous incarnation. I spotted a couple of misplaced picture captions but that is not untypical.

But Tom, Ken, Willy and Ned are all featured as is Brian Dunckley and the winner of the Peter Coles AV Award.

Considering that Mike Whyman who edits it for now had a UNICA Committee weekend and a mountain of work for BIAFF to do - it is an amazing effort.

I hope your copies arrive soon and we can start to make positive comments and suggestions ...
Cathy Poole
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Re: FVM Magazine May 2019

Post by Cathy Poole »

At long last.

After five years of waiting
for a change to the back cover of the
FVM magazine, the IAC has finally
decided to bring their magazine up to date.

Or is it really up to date?

Will this be for one issue only?
tom hardwick
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Re: FVM Magazine May 2019

Post by tom hardwick »

Hey, the mag looks good, so well done Mike Whyman. I like the three word columns allowing for bigger pictures to be included on the page, and overall it looks to be a very smooth transition from the Garth era.
Ken Wilson
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Re: FVM Magazine May 2019

Post by Ken Wilson »

I like the fresh new look! I have always liked the "Letters" pages but I suspect Garth got very few of these, but nice to see there is one in this issue. The BIAFF results always take up several pages, so not as much to read this time, but let`s see what happens for the next one and the issues to follow.
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Re: FVM Magazine May 2019

Post by Willy »

I love the new layout of the IAC Film and Video Magazine. It was a surprise when I saw it for the first time. Well done, Mike! Take page 5 for instance. Tom Hardwick must be very happy. The photographs in his article "Positive Image" are much larger and give a more positive image. They are very attractive. Also the layout of the BIAFF-results page is nicer. But of course we are still very thankful to Garth Hope. He has done a wonderful job for 15 years and it's good that you can see a picture of him arm in arm with our President Linda Gough on the front page.

A magazine is just like a house. After 10-15 years it needs new paint colours or wallpaper. And that's what Mike has done.

In recent years the printed magazine has started to decline in popularity. And I agree… digital magazines have their advantages. You can distribute them on the web without the commercial mediation of suppliers. They are cheaper. We have already talked about it on this forum.

Pip Critten's SoCo-magazine is an interesting one and so is the Haywards Heath Movie Makers Magazine for instance. But the IAC is an international umbrella organisation with more than 1200 members. It also needs a printed magazine that can be read when lying on your couch or in your bed. Sitting in front of your computer all the time is not good for your health. It may even cause cancer. If you look at your computer screen for hours and hours it is difficult to fall asleep. Moreover the IAC has its web, a forum included! The IAC-members are spoilt, aren't they? Congratulations to our WebMistress Jan, too! Dave, you have a fantastic mistress!
Willy Van der Linden
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Re: FVM Magazine May 2019

Post by TimStannard »

Willy wrote: Thu May 16, 2019 10:07 am Dave, you have a fantastic mistress!
That being the case, I suggest you avoid any Belgian swimming pools!
Proud to be an amateur film maker - I do it for the love of it
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