Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

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Dave Watterson
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Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

Post by Dave Watterson »

Greetings to all our readers and writers ... all best wishes for the holiday season.
Ken Wilson
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Re: Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

Post by Ken Wilson »

It`s a bit late for me to say a "Happy Christmas" now as it`s Boxing day, but the "Happy New Year" still stands. Postings on the forums have been quite sparse lately, so I hope that this is just a temporary "blip."

Going through our Christmas cards list several days ago made me realise the film-making friends who we used to send cards to and who are no longer with us and have therefore reduced the number we now need to post. But looking on the bright side, we are not losing people as rapidly as 2016 decimated the celebrity world, George Michael being the latest casualty.

So keep smiling and keep filming and hope 2017 is a great year for us all.
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Re: Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

Post by TimStannard »

It may be too late to wish people a Happy Christmas, but it's not too late to say i hope you all had a Happy Christmas :)

It is sad that some old friends drop off the Christmas card list, but perhaps sadder that their aren't new friends being added to the list.

Then again, my children seem to think that a Facebook or WhatsApp message is the equivalent.

And to be fair, there is only one person in the whole world who is likely to be reading this to whom I've sent or given a physical card!

Anyway, I hope everyone's creative juices flow freely during 2017 and I hope to see some spectacular and inspirational amateur films during the year.
Proud to be an amateur film maker - I do it for the love of it
Michael Slowe
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Re: Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

Post by Michael Slowe »

Greetings to Ken and Tim and whoever else may be listening (Vladimir Putin's lot probably!).

Actually, I'm just taking a break from the most difficult edit that I've had to cope with. I'm making a documentary on a "pub" theatre here in Hampstead and it is practically pitch dark in there. Some of the stage is reasonably well lit but not much else and I want to film whoever is there and they're mostly not on the stage. I'm using the new Sony Z150 camera which has a great new 1" sensor which tolerates +15db gain without batting an eyelid and it's only if I go as high as +20 that I see any 'noise'. It's been tricky because I couldn't plan anything, a common situation with these types of documentaries and in the dark some of my focus was very soft. I should have used auto focus but that goes against the grain rather. Still, creative editing gets around most shooting problems. Anyone else producing or has it all been done and sent to Newman? I sent one some weeks ago, might send this if I finish in time, I'm currently producing discs of rough cuts for testing on one or two selected film goers, good way too to assess the grading, things always look different on modern TV screens.

Happy New Year to all, especially our respected moderator, he listens along with Putin!
ned c
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Re: Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

Post by ned c »

Happy; healthy and successful New Year to all. A white Christmas here, 4 inches of snow at our level and a couple of feet in the mountains across the valley. A quiet filming year with a move into Behind the Scenes filming (BTS) for other film makers which is enjoyable and not too stressful.

all the very best

ned c
Brian Saberton
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Re: Happy Christmas and a Good New Year (when it comes)

Post by Brian Saberton »

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and has a great New Year.
In between numerous other things (and doing nothing much at all!) I'm working on a new documentary film for my BIAFF entry. I've been struggling with the script for the voice over, though I think I now have it all sorted out so am hoping to make better progress over the next few days. Pat Mahon and I are doing a presentation for SAM members on the 8th January about the work of XDL Films and how we go about making our movies so that has also taken up a lot of time.
Brian Saberton
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