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A.K. Williams
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Re: Pay Per View

Post by A.K. Williams » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:59 am

As far as making money from film (any film) I think that is an entirely personal decision to take and I'm all for it, but if a film is made with the idea of making money ultimately, then you enter a world in which money is the aim and not the love of film-making, I'm not suggesting you can't combine the two only that the financial risks associated with such ventures are for the individual to understand and accept.
As far as 'amateur' film competitions are concerned, the main objection toward 'paid for' films and their entry as far as I can tell, would be one of unfair competition if a substantial level of funding has been applied, it seems to me that amateur competitions/festivals rely on the 'level playing field' concept which separates big budget stuff (or just any budget stuff) from no budget stuff (the only real difference between amateur and professional in my view, assuming a certain level of ability attached to both of course). We all know of multi-million dollar films which have flopped at the box-office and surely the teams behind such projects would not proceed if they thought that might be the outcome, but I would think that all film-makers whatever their level assume that possibility anyway don't they?
Now I realise that we're not talking £mils or anything like that (are we?) and that fraught is looking at ways of recouping costs to some extent, but the idea of going that way and remaining 'professional hobbyists' (I like that one) would then have to be defined and by organisers/adjudicators/managers etc. and such films would then need to be classified i.e. amateur1/amateur2/amateur3/ etc. or something like that depending upon the amount of funding applied, after all we all 'pay for' the basics which enable us to begin with.'

Tony Williams.

Michael Slowe
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Re: Pay Per View

Post by Michael Slowe » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:26 pm

This subject has frequently been raised, both here and elsewhere. I don't think that budget comes into the equation at all. We've all seen films with obviously large budgets and lengthy credit lists and sponsorship which have not been all that good. Likewise, we've seen (and some of us made) films with no spend whatsoever, made on basic kit, which have been very successful.

The question is, are they made with financial reward in mind. Not merely to recoup expense, but to end up in credit. Personally I don't care either way, we're all film makers and it's the result that matters, if semi pros want to join in our fun then let them I say. I have always tried to steer clear of making money and on the occasion of one of my films being marketed by a TV channel (one of Sky's minor ones) I stipulated that the money go to the IAC, that way I avoided any opprobrium.

A.K. Williams
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Re: Pay Per View

Post by A.K. Williams » Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:39 am

I am not bothered by it either Michael (so there are at least two of us), but I wonder what the vote would be if there were to be one?

Tony Williams.

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Re: Pay Per View

Post by fraught » Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:54 pm

Well... i've done it. 'Selfie' is now online via a Pay Per View site.

Will see how it goes and update this forum after a month or so.

Since i posted it, i had 2 rentals pretty much straight away, but i did shout about it all over Facebook and Twitter! Time will tell if it's something worth doing or just a waste of time.

If you're interested... go here :
Only Boring People Get Bored

Ken Wilson
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Re: Pay Per View

Post by Ken Wilson » Thu Apr 30, 2015 10:52 am

I have two very seperate film making areas. One is mainly for shooting weddings, but I also have made a few small corporate videos for local companies and for charities too for which I have been paid. They are videos for which I have no personal connection or knowledge of those involved until they contact me and ask if I can shoot and edit a video for them.
These are projects in most cases made for a specific group of people and they have no special meaning to me except that I am paid for doing them and always aim to give my very best as always and the customer gets what they want at a very fair price. Making lots of money has never been my motivation. None of these videos have been even considered for competitions such as BIAFF as they would contravene the rules of "made for love." Apart from this, they would mostly be boring for a general audience.

A completely seperate area of film making is our own amateur/ N/C group, Phase 4. This has been going now for 30 years and we have made over 80 short films, mostly fiction. None have been made for money and none have cost very much to make. Most cost almost nothing apart from buying the equipment. Nearly all of these have gone into competitions. A few didn`t as they were not deemed good enough (by me) to be entered.

So it is all very much two seperate ventures with no crossovers except for perhaps personal contacts that you make as an amateur that can lead to a paid professional job. So I am clear that I can be both an amateur and a professional at the same time depending on what film/ video we are making at any one time.

I have no particular objection to anyone trying to get some of their movie-making money back, but it wouldn`t interest me at all.

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