The Photography Show

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Brian Saberton
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The Photography Show

Post by Brian Saberton » Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:27 pm

I returned from Birmingham yesterday after visiting the Photography Show at the NEC. What was interesting, if slightly unexpected, was that there was a lot of emphasis on film making, particularly using digital cameras, and there was a dedicated lecture area which ran 5 seminars each day over the duration of the festival on various aspects of movie-making. Blackmagic had a big stand with cameras set up for people to try, and Panasonic had their latest range of 4K camcorders on display. Video lighting could also be found. I picked up a free copy of Pro Moviemaker Magazine (the first time I've managed to track down this mag!) and if you haven't seen it I think it is an excellent publication which, though primarily aimed at the commercial sector, contains plenty of articles and test reports that are relevant to ourselves. AKM music also had a stand. Did any of you get to the show apart from myself and what did you think?
Brian Saberton

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Re: The Photography Show

Post by edin » Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:50 pm

I was at the Photography Show on the Monday and was very impressed by the wide range of exhibition stands and workshops offered. As Brian has already given a flavour of the video content of the show I will try and cover some of the other aspects of it.

At one of the Filmmaking workshops the benefits of taking video with a 4k DSLR was promoted. The ability to extract high quality stills from the video appealed to the traditional stills photographer as it allowed the use of one camera to use for both mediums. However the total costs of all the equipment required for audio capture, stability etc were played down.

For the adventurous there were several displays of drones with attached video camera. Among the audio capture devices was the Atomos and the Rode field recording App for an Apple IOS device. The Atomos could be fitted to a DSLR OR camcorder shoe and record directly from the HDMI output, overcoming the usual DSLR record limit, the video is captured in Apple ProRes to a SSD card. The device also allowed playback and the ability to tag clips good or bad prior to the edit stage.

The Rode field recorder would record high resolution 24 bit, 48 hz stereo or mono recording, allowing editing and output in multiple formats to the desktop or cloud. To complement the recorder there was the Rode iXY stereo microphone fitted to an iPhone or iPad.

I will close there as there were many more video related bits of kit that interested me at the show, well worth a visit.


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