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"Bakri" in a film by Gérard Depardieux!

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:26 pm
by Willy
Do you remember my actor Idrissa Mbengue in my film "Bakri" shown at BIAFF in Harrogate some years ago? He played the role of an asylum seeker. It was based on a true story. It really happened in my flat.

Iddy was very proud. Afterwards I could read in his curriculum vitae on internet that I had asked him to play that role. "The film Bakri by Willy Van der Linden", I could read. He said that the film "Bakri" was successful in an international film festival in London. That was not true. It was BIAFF at Harrogate. Four stars I remember. But I understand... Maybe London is better for your career.

At that time he could not speak Dutch very well, but he did his utmost. Actually he only spoke French. It was not a problem to ask him what to do. In my film the police had to arrest him. But they were a little bit too rough. I had to ask the "policeman" to calm down also because Iddy hated it. Actually it was a film against racism and for more tolerance.

But guess, what happened now! Gérard Dépardieux, the world famous French filmmaker, has asked Iddy to play a role in his next film. That's wonderful, isn't it? The first scenes will be filmed at Wien in Austria.

Re: "Bakri" in a film by Gérard Depardieux!

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:44 pm
by Willy
Sorry for my spelling in previous message. The name is Gérard Depardieu. Actually in the first place he is a world famous actor. But he is also a film producer.
He is a Russian now who lives in Belgium. Maybe you know the reason. I think that Belgium is a paradise for certain people.