Winter Recess Activities

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Winter Recess Activities

Post by John Roberts » Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:57 am

What does your club encourage you to get up to over the Winter break, assuming of course you have a break for festivities?

Over the years we've tried a 'Winter Theme' mini competition, then a '3-minute film' about any subject filmed over the recess, and currently we're encouraging a 'Raw Footage' event: A suitably nominated 'volunteer' supplies members with raw camera footage about any subject they wish, members then edit only this footage into whatever format they want over the Christmas break and the completed films are presented in the New Year. Seeing how identical footage is dealt with in many different ways - some of which may not have been thought of by other members - is an interesting learning exercise.

So, what little activities are looming? Or is everyone likely to be too stuffed after the festivities? :lol:

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