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IAC / Non-Commercial survey for MA research

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:37 pm
by Craig Robinson
Hi All,

By now, many of you will have already seen my email that was sent to all video / film interested clubs on the IAC email list. Unfortunately, quite a few email addresses are out of date or entire domains have actually moved, so I know that a lot of clubs have not received it. Please therefore forgive me if this seems familiar.

Some of you (especially in the SERIAC area) already know me, but my name is Craig Robinson and I am a member of Medway Film Makers and Chairman of The Video Players, both IAC affiliated clubs in the SERIAC region. For some outside the region who think that my name is familiar, I've also been a judge in Kent / SERIAC festivals, so my name will have appeared in brochures etc.

Recently I started an MA in Film with Raindajnce and specialising in non-commercial filmmaking (in other words us in the IAC), a heavily under represented topic area, to take place over the next two years. Currently, I am undertaking several compulsory 'academically' oriented modules of a research nature.

I would really appreciate it if you and anyone else in the club system / IAC that you are aware of andto whom you could pass this on, could assist me in some initial research that I am undertaking by completing a short survey. I think that the core issues are reaching a defined state from the current respondents, but naturally, the larger the number of respondents the better (if only for statistical value and respectability as a true reflection of views).

This is a dynamically generated google survey form, so it is totally safe, but if anyone really feels that they want a manual version to use then please shout - I'd like to keep this to a minimum however, as processing a lot of manual submissions takes a lot of time and time is not on my side because of the deadline.

I have deliberately kept the survey very quick to complete - the majority of answers are multi-choice. In testing respondents have completed the survey in under 3 minutes.

All of the surveys will be kept anonymous, and the results will be released to the IAC membership in a properly aggregated format at a later date.

Already, a lot of members have done us proud - within 18 hours of the survey going live, we had already received nearly 50 responses and with return emails stating that they would like to say even more. I will certainly open this up in the future so that more people can have a more dynamic say in some of the answers, and the topics that will come in future modules (content, exhibition and monetisation, production and finally a study on the combined effects on increasing membership). This survey, future surveys, and if the truth be told the entire focus of the MA should help us as a group, so it would really be self-serving to complete it.

with great thanks in advance,