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Club Film making Course

Post by edin » Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:23 pm

Whe would like to run a basic filmmaking course to try and attract new members to the video club. It is over 12 years since we last ran a course on basic filmmaking and the world and ourselves have moved on since then.

If any other club has recently ran a basic filmmakers course, or similar course, please could you give the benefit of your experience of running it and the content covered on it. We wondered if we need to cover the traditional camcorder and the DSLR use in film making. Also if you have any course content outline etc it would be welcome.

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Re: Club Film making Course

Post by TimStannard » Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:57 pm

I suggest you contact Laurie Joyce at Reading Film & Video Makers.
Laurie is a partner in a successful commercial video company and former chairman of RVFM. He has put together a very successful six week (I think) course which they have run for three years now. The students spend half an evening in "class" being lectured to and practising a certain topic, then the second half of the evening they join in with the normal club evening. If they decide to join the club they get a discount on membership for the first year.
It has been extremely successful for them but it does take the commitment of a few people to make it a success.
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Re: Club Film making Course

Post by ned c » Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:55 pm

We have found that one day courses work well. We have run courses on the technology of film making, camera, lighting, framing, movement etc. and a one day course on acting for film. If you contact me off forum I will be happy to send you a copy of the notes.

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Re: Club Film making Course

Post by Frank Maxwell » Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:09 pm

The first thing one needs to do is inform your town or city what you are planning to do. Library would be a good place to get a Flyer made up.
My second question is who are you planning to target.?
We all know membership is a problem and has been debate plenty on this forum. The winds or tide has changed.
One way to possible attract members is with local trade shows by having a stand and yearly carnival in your town.
As I said before, the general public who have video cameras and wish to socialise in this media will make the effort and seek out a video club.
I did a local bowling video and certain members were interested to further their knowledge in that field. So recording a club events outside the video circle could be of help.
Also what I find helpful and distracting as one gets older one cant be bothered to make little exercise videos unless one has got members who wish to learn.
Some people have the talent to make a video but not the talent in other departments. So they either learn at home and there is plenty of material available.
One can see from this forum how society has altered. When we had computers and forums of this nature, the activity was well supported. Today the same pattern of members respond kindly to new posts.I think it is a good ideate try anything to make the public aware that there are video clubs around.

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