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Frank Maxwell
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old timers

Post by Frank Maxwell » Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:19 pm

As we get older and wiser plus still working on or in the amateur state of making films with video clubs or working on our own. We see the world from a different perspective. Many articles in the IAC are written or material is contributed from people who have the knowledge. But how many people are involved with this new generation in the media format?
I will be working with this class of people this year in 2 different countries. Who are not interested or be involved in video clubs. But those who do filter through don't stay long as their life style alters each day and week and year.
Many youngster between 18 to 25 want to make a living out of this game and obtain the best knowledge fast.
I have spent many months talking and working with this new generation and the biggest asset is the internet. The feedback from these filmmakers was staggering who are learning the craft.
Many have never heard of the IAC or knew what functions video clubs played. Some countries don't have video clubs.
Many future filmmakers are interested in the computer software of grafting videos after shooting.
So my believe is and only my opinion....What has worked in the past needs to be looked at differently. Increase the tempo of making better class video productions in clubs. Many media collages encourage youngsters to do this. One lad made a Doctor Who video with all the effects on his own with friends.
Many people who run video clubs try very hard to put on a good programme each meeting with wonderful gear and ideas but I ask myself for who? and is the knowledge ever used with good club productions?
Many will disagree with my statement but I still have my health to get involved with our new generation of filmmakers who look at thing differently than us knowledgeable old timers (What they have called me on production shoots)

Michael Slowe
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Re: old timers

Post by Michael Slowe » Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:07 pm

I have great respect for for what Frank has to say and I admire his attitude to the youngsters who are now today's film makers. I too try and engage with them when I can and their aims are not all that different from ours, there is the shared urge to make good films. They tend to have less tolerance for lengthy and wordy productions, preferring more action and an altogether more free style, although some of the 'socially aware' themes that seem to be much favoured these days, do involve a fair amount of words which does take time.

Film makers are the same the world over and of all ages, they certainly are not aware of the IAC, still less of its history, and it is a great pity that age is still the great divide. There's not a lot that we can do about that, and as it is said, the alternative is not very attractive!

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