Stabilizer effect on Premier Elements 9

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Stabilizer effect on Premier Elements 9

Post by Elmo »

Can anyone tell me how to apply the stabilizer effect onto the timeline on Premier Elements 9?
Frank Maxwell
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Re: Stabilizer effect on Premier Elements 9

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I don't use your software but in case you are in a hurry to find solution. Have you tried YouTube web page?. Key in your problem and their might be a tutorial on the subject.
That is were I get most of my problem fixes resolved.
col lamb
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Re: Stabilizer effect on Premier Elements 9

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I, like Frank do not use Elements, but I do use Premiere

Normally you select the effect by hovering the cursor over the effect, left click too select then left click and hold and drag the effect on top of the clip that is on the timeline and then let go. The effect will have a default setting that will apply the stabilization to a set of default parameters, if the default does not work you then tweak the settings and try again.

I suggest that if you do not get a specific response here you join the Adobe Forums and go the dedicated Elements section and post a question there.

Good luck
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