black magic have two

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john ingham
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black magic have two

Post by john ingham » Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:12 am

so there are 2 black magic cameras now....has anyone bought either, i know our Fred D was after the big one ... =1&theater
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Re: black magic have two

Post by TimStannard » Tue Apr 09, 2013 8:37 am

john ingham wrote:so there are 2 black magic cameras now....has anyone bought either, i know our Fred D was after the big one
I think you'll find that's 3. The original BMD Cineama Camera is 2.5K, the 4K and Micros Four-Thirds are both new.
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ned c
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Re: black magic have two

Post by ned c » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:31 pm

Just back from NAB in Las Vegas. Black Magic have two versions of the original Cinema Camera; one for Canon lenses and one for PL mount lenses and now added a version for four thirds lenses which make the best fit with the sensor size. New is a 4K camera and a tiny Super 16 sized sensor camera that takes 4/3 rds lenses with a body price of $995! All info on their website. The big thing this year is 4K; cameras; screens; editing. I fear that actors will not thank us for shooting in 4K. The advantage of 4K is that with very high resolution originals the down rezed copies will look great (remember how surprisingly good VHS copies from 35 mm film looked?). The other positive is that 4K 3D TV looks great and seems to be less of a strain with non active glasses. There was also a demonstration of an 8K camera!!!The camera world has gone mad and a plea by Philip Bloom to the makers to stop and consolidate their products makes sense; but I am sure their marketing departments will not go along with this!! No; I am not going to buy a BMCC; I have a large sensor Sony VG20 and getting used to using prime lenses again (amazing quality) is a bit of a pain as I move the camera back and forth to get the right framing or change the lens. Yes; I have a zoom lens for it but the primes are fast; sharp and give great separation.

ned c

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