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PICTURE HOUSE 100th Anniversary

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:06 pm
ONE HUNDRED YEARS TODAY! Yes 100 years today since the first cinema opened in
Thurso. Not the first films (that was 1897) but our first cinema proper. Here is
the log information from the Cinema For Thurso Archive:

"The Thurso Animated Picture Coy Ltd, commences regular shows on several days each week at the Temperance Hall. The Caithness Couriers refers to it as "Thurso’s New
Picture House" in its columns. The cinema is managed by Mr. J.C. Forbes.
Showing Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night with Matinee every
Saturday at 3.30pm. Programmes change Monday & Thursday.
Films listed in Editorial- First two nights of the 'Picture House':
Counsel For The Defense, Marooned, Another Of Bill’s Adventures
Thurs & Saturday:
The Soldier’s Last Call, The Law Of The North, Bewildering Transformations
*Musical accompanying with all pictures."

Here's how the building looks today! ... 807&type=3

Re: PICTURE HOUSE 100th Anniversary

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:15 pm
by Dave Watterson
Congratulations to you and all the team who have worked so hard to maintain its memory and traditions.