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Staines Members on the Box

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I guess this is as good a place to post as any but it seems Staines Video Makers are progressing onto terrestrial TV.

Tonight (Wednesday 23rd November) BBC London News at 6.30 (that's about an hour away). One of our members has been informed that his footage of events surrounding a local house which blew up earlier today (!) is going to be used. (He stresses that he didn't rush out "ambulance chasing" but checked he couldn't do anything else to help and waited for the immediate panic to die down first)

Tomorrow at 2:00pm on ITV1 "May the Best House Win" features Ken and Diane, two of our members. (Some of you may know Ken as our Punch and Judy man.) Ken wrote a piece in our newsletter a couple of months ago about them coming to film "You should have seen the lights they used. I hate to thank what that's done to my electricity bill!".
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