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Tutorial DVDs

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I have just brought the DVC Edius 6 tutorial DVDs, and as always, very good they are too. This time though I plonked for the Flash version rather than the DVD, and ho-boy, it's SO much sharper and easier to watch. Of course it doesn't run on a DVD player. You open it up in your computer's DVD drive and it runs in the background behind your NLE, so when you get stuck you simply minimise your timeline and open the tutorial and watch some more.

It see strange writing the words, 'so much sharper than the DVD', but when Dave Clarke is zipping about with his cursor over pretty small icons, the Flash version lets you follow him with ease, and furthermore read all the little drop-down explanations that appear when the cursor hovers over an icon.

Remember when DVC had all their tutorials on VHS? I still have some of those and the image quality was such that you had to be a registered expert in the program under discussion to make sense of the smudge and blur.


[Tom is referring to training DVDs sold by DVC of Hove, suppliers of PCs built for video editing. See
http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Training_DVDs.HTML - Dave]
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