Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

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tom hardwick
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Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by tom hardwick »

Just to remind you that the Home Movie Roadshow is on BBC2 this evening (Sunday) as a repeat of Friday night's transmission. 6pm and worth a watch as the IAC and various video clubs get a mention.

There's four presenters who gush alarmingly at all the historical wonders captured by us lot, and every single film is shown with 25% removed so the images will fit the 16:9 frame.

And at the end of every programme they're asking for more footage to be sent in.

Brian Saberton
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by Brian Saberton »

I'm enjoying this series, errors notwithstanding, and it's a shame that the film clips have been cropped to 16 x 9, but at least they are taking the subject of amateur movies seriously and emphasising the importance of the films and particularly the work done by cine clubs in recording local events. When you see the films of gala days, holidays etc featuring children you do wonder if much of this could be filmed today, such is the paranoia of the authorities, the media and members of the general public. Will future generations have access to such a valuable archive showing how we live our lives just now? Personally I doubt it. Anyway, I think the series is providing good exposure for our hobby and who knows, it might encourage more people to buy a camcorder or think about joining a club.
Brian Saberton
Michael Slowe
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by Michael Slowe »

I was a bit irritated by their going on about how it used to be with amateur film making as if it is an historical curiosity. They referred to the IAC (giving it the original full title) and how they used to run competitions, no mention of the current BIAFF or present day film making. True, they did visit members of Halifax Cine Society and they came over very well. I suppose that this is all due to the fact that the programme is based on the archive aspect and old footage but I would have thought that they might have had some help from the IAC (huge library) and it would have done us good.

The BFI representative could also have been a bit more knowledgable about amateur film making since they used to host the old Ten Best competition when it was run by Movie Maker and they kept the winning films in the BFI library until someone got all political and slung them all out to the IAC with the comment that they were 'socially irrevelant' or something similar. They did produce a bound compendium of Movie Maker's predecessor Amateur Cine World, so someone had done their homework.
Lee Prescott
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by Lee Prescott »


Unfortunately I've missed this so far being "up country" and no candle powered TVs
that I could find! However, reading these Postings obviously full of valid comments
I wondered IF someone with some clout in the IAC could re-direct their energies
towards the producer(s) of these programmes and get the loose (lost) ends tied up,
or is it beyond the scope of anyone at the TOP to do so?

(Missed opportunities).....?

Lee. :o
Lee Prescott
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by Lee Prescott »

Yeah it's me again - sorry - re this prog. about amateur (shudder) film making et al....

In the Postings I fail to see any reference to the IAC web site.... IF the producer(s) of the prog. had made the effort to find it, not at all difficult, then they'd have been "hit between the eyes" on the suject! This brings me back to a previous Posting of mine re who, how, do people find the IAC web site - particularly Youngsters? We find it because we know about it!

Lee..... :?
col lamb
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by col lamb »


Presumably people find the IAC website via Google where keying in "movie making" gets the IAC on page 4. Getting it onto page 1 would no doubt require quite an effort by our Webmaster. Maybe an improved choice of words in the HTML code may help.

The shows are very good, great to see the efforts of movies made in days gone by. The cropping of the movies aside the only downside is that the presenters discuss more than I would like.

They do ask in each show that if anyone has material of interest then they should contact the BBC, so there is an avenue open there. They have certainly mentioned the IAC by name and also advised people interested to contact their local Movie Making club. The main subject philosophy at present seems to be related to social and personal history and development.

In the last show the sailor who used his cine whilst onboard was particulary interesting, not sure if past shows are available via Iplayer.

Budding movie makers have a multitude of sites available for them to show their works namely, youtube and vimeo.
Col Lamb
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Dave Watterson
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by Dave Watterson »

The previous shows are on iPlayer for a couple of weeks.
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Re: Home Movie Roadshow, Sunday BBC2

Post by Stephen »

like Michael I too was a bit irritated by the constant reference to all this taking place in the past ...

well it all must have just...just.... died away like ... didn't see much footage shot after 1970?

I don't think they have properly addressed the width and breadth of clubs NOW!
I dearly hope this will be corrected in the other 2 episodes yet to come.

although the producers interest is obviously to uncover the gems that errrrr.......
we know we already have :roll: amazing what you could do if people were only to ask
or even better visit the many clubs that are alive and well, even have a chat with the members
find out what is happening now.
We don't just take record shots for posterity..... and while I'm on me high horse....
how about showing how well organised we are... how we have coped with the rapid changes in our hobby
and how we have embraced the new technologies.

as a relative newcommer to this film malarky I get annoyed when no reference is made to all those amateur :shock: non-commercial :D film makers that are making films now !!!!! grrrrrrr....

it feels great to be part of enthusiatic members that make up clubs
that make up the regions
that make up our IAC ...

would be nice to show how it is now, and that we are indeed alive and kicking

rant over .... i'll get me coat

Film making is not a matter of Life and Death
It's much more important than that.
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